Tell me more about the site:

  • Three Pillows was the net's first major bisexual erotica site. It's specialty is M/M/F Bi erotica (male bisexuality). It has a VERY GOOD reputation within the bisexual community and surfing public and has a lot of returning members.

How much do I get paid and when?

  • Percentage Plan: You are paid 50% of the revenue generated from any members you refer. This applies to initial sign-ups and all rebills. There are no deductions for credit card processing from your 50%. All credit card processing fees come from OUR 50%.
  • Pay-per-signup (PPS) Plan: If you have been with our Percentage Plan for at least 4 months and meet some other conditions, you may switch over to the Pay-per-signup plan which pays $30 per sign-up until your revenue in a given calendar month exceeds $600 (20 signups) when your payout will rise to $35 per sign-up. The PPS Plan is by invite only and details can be viewed here.
  • BONUS! Regardless of whether you are on the Percentage Plan or the Pay-per-signup Plan, you also get 5% of all sales (gross, recurring) made by webmasters who sign up through you! See the Tier 2 Bonus details here. So if you have any webmaster traffic at all it can pay for you big-time!
  • CCBill issues checks/wires every week.

How do I know the accounting is done fairly and honestly?

  • We use CCBill to handle our billing and affiliate program. CCBill is the largest billing company on the net and they have a terrific reputation for reliability and honesty. Because they are a third party, no one including us has the ability to modify your stats or cheat you in any way. You have direct access to your CCBill stats, you are not required to login through another system.
  • We do NOT use pop-ups for sites other than our own on our tours, so your traffic is never stolen by us and sent elswhere. We only advertise for Three Pillows to your surfers so you get full credit for all your traffic.

Where and how can I advertise?

  • You can advertise on any site you own. You can use text links, banners or both. The site(s) can be mainstream or adult. You can use blind links, popups, tgp galleries and other common techniques.
  • You CANNOT advertise in newsgroups, on bulletin boards, or using any bulk email techniques. In otherwords, absolutely no spam! We will not have our reputation sullied, and your account may be terminated at any time due to spamming or other fraudulent, illegal or unethical activities. Needless to say, this also includes advertising through malware, spyware and adware.

Do you have Free Hosted Galleries (FHG)?

  • No, not at this time, and don't currently have plans to.