Our Webmaster Refferal Program allows you to earn a percentage of each sale made by other webmasters you refer to BiBucks.

Here are the details:

  • You get 5% (gross, recurring) of all sales made by webmasters referred by you. So if the surfer pays $24.95 per month, you get 0.05 x $24.95 = $1.25 for that sign-up and each rebill from that surfer.
  • No additional signup is required - it uses the same CCBill account id you use for surfers.
  • To send webmasters directly to our Webmaster Program page use this linking code:


    (don't forget to swap the XXXXXX with your CCBill affiliate id)

  • If a webmaster clicks on your surfer link to Three Pillows, then on the "Webmasters" link on our index page you still get credit for the referral as the cookie to track surfer sales is the same as that which tracks webmaster referrals.
  • We have buttons and banners to advertise our affiliate program. Click here.